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Grocery Store After Closed

My name is Helen! I am a blonde hair, white skin tone Russian girl with a height of 5.7 which is 170cm with a nice fit body because I love to workout and maintain my body figure and I have beautiful long legs and I work as a part time escort to provide adult sexual services in Munich.

This is my story about when I was stuck in a grocery store and it got closed.

So one day when I went to the grocery store near my home late at night because I really needed some stuff. When I had been there I saw there were only a few people and I started to look at the things but did not realize what time it was and that was the closing time, even the store manager did not notice that I was going down to the basement for shopping.

After spending some time I found what I needed and then suddenly I heard the shutter closing sound of that store and then I saw the time I ran up to the main entrance but It was already closed and everyone was already gone. I get confused what to do now because I was stuck there first I thought I should call their helpline number and then my dirty mind give me some ideas because the store was closed and I can see only there is one camera is on but the basement camera was not working as I can not the the red light in it so I went down and I started eating stuff because no one is here to see me, and then steal some drinks also I enjoyed it like a child but then I hear something behind me and it was the noise of someones steps and I found the cleaner there who was recording me while I was doing all that stuff, I get scared of him and shout on him and asked to come out who are you and what are you doing here.

He said my name is Max and basically I am a cleaner but also a caretaker of this store at night when it closes and I live here as well, I saw you were stealing food and drink and I recorded everything what you did now I will show this video to the police and they will take care all of this. And I was very scared and begged him to please don’t show this to anyone, I’ll pay for everything but he said no you already stole it so nothing can be changed now. And I started to cry. Please stop, don’t do this, delete this video and whatever you say I will do it for you.

He paused for a moment and then said ok whatever I ask will you do it? I said yes please delete the video. He said ok show me your boobs, they are so big and looking beautiful and from a long time I haven’t met any girl. I thought in my mind if he will show the police I can be in big trouble so it’s better to let him enjoy like this and he will delete the video then he is on his work and I will be freed too.

I take off my top clothes and asked him now you are happy please delete the video now, but he said wait it’s not end yet I want to suck those fluffy big boobs and he grab my breast and started sucking it and pressing wildly I asked him to calm down and do not hurt me he said I will delete the video for sure if you make me cum right now. I said no what you asked, I did it for you. Please delete this but he said this is what I am asking you to do , so I will send it to the police station. So I took off my pants and underwear. He asked me to lay down and open both my legs wide. Then he licked my pussy very wild and he has a very big dick because he was a black south african man. He inserted it in my mouth and gave me a very hardcore deepthroat then he bend my legs in a doggystyle position and started fucking my pussy very bad and I was moaning like super awesome and very loud because we were alone there and he continuously fucked for 15 to 20 minutes I remebred then he cum all over my body and it’s finally finished so I ask him now you are happy please delete it now.

He said why so hurry please dress up your clothes then I will do it, and I said ok and when we both dress up he said I am not gonna delete it, this video will work me for a long time so I will call you again and but don’t worry I will not gonna show this to anyone until you make me happy but I can do a favor for you, I was very angry on him but I asked what favor now you gonna do for me?

He has a door key to get outside from the store so he will let me go now without knowing this to anyone. I said ok but he said wait give me your number so I can call you later. Then he let me out of the store and I went home. It was a very strange day for me so this was my story of one day when the grocery store closed.

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